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It's about the people you meet, not the places you go.

The Story

We Travel Co founder Sam Hilton first hit the road in the Super Van in 2012 with no plan, just a dream to explore his own backyard Australia. It wasn’t his first journey into the unknown, for as long as he could remember, memories of his childhood adventures were always graced with spontaneity. Sam spent 3 years on the road, joined by many travelers from around the globe. Those experiences and the steps they shared, became moments they would cherish for the rest of their lives.

In the Summer of 2015, Sam began an epic voyage to discover the island of Tasmania. He fell in love with Australia's adventure paradise, it’s people, wildlife and nature. To this day he continues to facilitate road trip experiences in Tasmania and other destinations around the world.




This is REAL adventure, away from mainstream tourism

An immersive experience to discover connection, where the true spirit roams. Within nature, people, culture & community.

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Why Travel With Us

NO ITINERARY TRAVEL We don't chase schedules or tick boxes, unlocking the door of opportunity to infinite possibilities which enables us to let go of expectation and enjoy each and every moment.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF, LEARN AND GROW Empowering people to step outside their comfort zone for only there do we truly grow.

MEET NEW PEOPLE Get to know interesting young travelers from around the world.

SHARE EXPERIENCES Working together you will design and create your own, one of a kind adventure.

"We must learn to face our fears, for it is a compass pointing us in the direction we need to grow. Take comfort in knowing that all your wildest dreams wait for you there. Find bliss and fulfillment in what you do. For me, it's sharing the beauty of our world with people on a road trip. My joy is enriching others lives through experiences while giving back skills, knowledge and wisdom for them to take a journey of their own.”

- Sam Hilton, We Travel Co Founder

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